We are a development and design studio, providing complex iOS mobile app and gaming experience on a world-class level.

We are a team of professionals - designers and software engineers, for whom the act of creation is not only work, but also a passion. As mobile apps are becoming more and more popular and a part of almost every activity, we believe they should not only be functional, but also beautiful. That's why we deliver unique, products, with a great level of precision and creativity, designed to fit the modern market.

Whether its apps, or games, our team have the right mix of skills and professional knowledge to create immersive and remarkable products. Having experience not only in, for a lack of better word, "classic development" techniques, but also the fields of AR and VR, we move confidently into world of future innovations.


iOS apps | Game development | Concept art | Graphics design | Augmented Reality Projects

Our main field of professional experience is widely understood iOS game and app development. We can provide you with a complex solution for you app, or help you "resurrect" older projects, which were not maintained for a while, along with a refactoring plan. Also, we do open-source.

And last, but not least, we are agile, and work agile - providing our clients with best and clearest possible development process, dynamically adapting to their needs.





If you have any questions or need more information feel free to send us a message.

email office@girappe.com

Raccoon Project

Status: In progress
Release date: mid 2019

Description: What is better than playing a raccoon character? Well, playing a raccoon in a balloon! A beautiful logic arcade game, with tons of toon humor.


Status: Available on Appstore
URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/skillcloud/id1125706679
Description: A simple app to manage your technical skills - save a list of your skills with icons and levels and use them to generate a "creative CV" graph image.

SkillCloud QR


Status: Available on github
URL: https://github.com/MakeAWishFoundation/SwiftyMocky/tree/develop
Description: SwiftyMocky is Lightweight, strongly typed framework for Mockito-like unit testing experience. As Swift doesn't support reflections well enough to allow building mocks in runtime, library depends on Sourcery, that scans your source code and generates Swift code for you.

Outsource applications

We, at GirAppe studio, are taking part in many projects. Here are several projects, the studio has taken part in:

  • Funbrush - UI "storyboard" engine
  • CosmeticScan - application prototype
  • GolfKeeper (in progress) - iOS and watchOS development
  • Bajki Polskie - SpriteKit development


Status: In progress
Release date: iceboxed

Description: Do you ever dreamed of having a Weasley's clock in your pocket? Now it is possible – with a Home App called Pickle, you'll easily manage you budget, contents of the fridge, and most important things regarding your family’s whereabouts. Integrates with iBeacons.